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Our Summer Intern

On Monday, I had the opportunity to meet Emma, our Whitworth Fellow, face-to-face for the first time! And let me just tell you, I am thrilled that she will be with us for the entire summer! I can’t wait to officially introduce her when she arrives at the end of May! She’ll be in the office starting May 30 and her first official Sunday will be June 4.

Emma is originally from a small town in Alaska, but spent her high school years in Coeur d’Alene, ID before heading to Whitworth. She is weeks away from finishing her sophomore year of college, with a double major in English and Theology. This last year, Emma has lived in Whitworth’s all-freshmen dorm as a student leader focusing on caring for the spiritual lives of the students in the dorm. She loves the outdoors, especially running and hiking. And she loves anything that gives her a rush of adrenaline.

This summer Emma’s primary responsibilities will be two-fold. First, she will work with me to offer opportunities to love and serve our children. This will begin with VBS in early June (in partnership with Zion Lutheran) but she will also help coordinate other programs throughout the summer. Emma has a huge heart for kids, and I am excited for her to come alongside and bring energy and imagination to this important ministry of our church.

Second, Emma will be observing the overall life of the church, while also taking the time to hear your stories of the church. So, you’ll see Emma participating in worship each week. You might find that she pops into meetings or Bible studies that you’re a part of, she might even lead some of the Bible studies. Or Emma might ask to sit down and have a longer conversation with you. In other words, there will be lots of opportunity to get to know Emma and I hope you will take the time to interact with her.

Please join me in praying for Emma as she wraps up this semester and prepares to join us for the summer. And I hope you will welcome Emma with joy and open arms. I am confident this is going to be a good (and fun) summer!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about Emma or her role with us this summer!

Grace and peace,


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