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Our Story

Our congregation is blessed with a beautiful and historic home.  We know a church is not a building, it's the people who worship in it.  Yet the story of our building is intertwined with the story of our people and our community.

Our congregation was founded in 1890, about the time Lewistown was established.  In 1912, the cornerstone of the current church building was laid, a piece of sandstone quarried nearby and shaped by skilled Croatian stonemasons whose work can be found today in buildings around town. The founders invested in impressive stained glass windows from Belgium that were transported across the ocean and finally on a boat down the Missouri River.

In recent years, major efforts have completely remodeled the sanctuary, installed an elevator for handicapped access, renovated and protected for the next 100 years the stained glass windows, and remodeled rooms in the education addition.  Currently a major remodel of the fellowship and kitchen area is underway.


Our church, nurtured by our people through generations, has been a place of significance to our community and congregation.  Marriages, baptisms, funerals, Christmas cantatas and musical performances, meetings and prayer vigils, weekend spiritual retreats and community dinners, worship and church services - all have been and continue to be hosted in our church home.

We are modest-sized with an open door and welcoming policy.  We are proud of our church building, but again, it’s the people who make it a unique and special place of worship.  Our congregation is reflective of the people of Central Montana - ranchers and professionals, blue-collar working families and retirees, hard-working people of various backgrounds and life paths who share our love of God with each other and others in the community, fully aware that we can do more and do it better.  We care deeply for one another and for our church and community.  We strive to respect, support and love one another as Jesus has called us to do.   We pride ourselves in welcoming everyone, including those who may not be welcomed in other faith communities.  This has allowed us to serve and include a unique population and that, in turn, has deepened our worship and faith.

Our hope is that you will join us no matter where you are in your faith journey.

We would love the opportunity to visit with you!

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