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The Custodian is responsible for overall cleanliness and environment of First Presbyterian Church’s building and grounds. The custodian will strive to ensure the facilities offer a clean, sanitary and inviting atmosphere that reflects positively on First Presbyterian Church and its members.

The Custodian will be responsible for the following:

  1. Participating in the “Department of First Impressions” ensuring that the building is clean and welcoming for all who enter during the week and on Sunday mornings, including ensuring the garbage is taken out, the bathrooms cleaned, and the floors swept, mopped, or vacuumed.

  2. Coordinating with the Administrative Assistant about needed supplies throughout the building

  3. Communicating plumbing and electrical concerns so that they can be promptly followed up with

  4. Coordinating with the Buildings and Ground Committee, help with a semi-annual Church Clean Up Days and winterizing the building. (Note, it is not expected that the Custodian provide for snow removal in the winter months)

To apply, please submit a resume (or summary of qualifications), including at least three references, to Rev. Kimmy Briggs at First Presbyterian Church.

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