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Yes, I'm Going to Running Camp

By the time you’re reading this, I will be on the east coast and just about ready to officially head to running camp.

Yes, you read that right. I’m spending the weekend at running camp.

Some might be thinking that I’m a little bit crazy (given that I am doing this for fun, I probably am). Others might be wondering why I feel the need to go to a camp for something I already do and enjoy.

Because sure, I’ll probably gain a few tips about how to improve my form, stretch more, or recover better. And while I hope I do continue to become a better runner, that’s not my entire goal.

I also hope to make some new friends. I run primarily alone, and while I appreciate that alone time, I do miss the community of running. So, I’m excited to spend a weekend with a group of women who share a common love for running.

I hope to fall back in love with running. It’s not that I no longer enjoy running, because I do. But right now, I don’t have another big race on the calendar. I’m learning to love running without having that next big goal in front of me. So, I’m excited to connect with other runners, then return home ready to keep running.

And, I hope to have fun. Yes, I will spend time running. But I will also spend time on a ropes course, on the water, on the trails, and around a campfire…basically I get to be a camper for a weekend.

And I’m really excited for that.

Oh, and apparently, there is endless cold brew coffee, so that sounds fun too!

See you when I return!

Grace and peace, Kimmy

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