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Summer Spectacular

What a day! We had a blast at our Summer Spectacular! Fourteen kids participated throughout the day. We filled our time with games, music, science experiments, snacks, crafts, stories, relay races, and an obstacle course! And we even made our own ice cream!

It might have sounded like chaos, but it was organized chaos…mostly.

It was truly a good day! And I am thankful for all those who helped make it happen.

I think an event like Summer Spectacular offers a unique opportunity for our church family. Sometimes it’s so easy to focus only on ourselves, and serve those already in our church family. But I truly believe God calls us to look outside our doors and into the community. In our case, into the community of Lewistown.

In reflecting with our Elders and Deacons last weekend, I shared the wisdom of a friend, mentor, and former boss. He used to always tell our staff that our goal was “to meet people where they are and walk with them one step closer to Jesus Christ.”

That wisdom has stuck with me and has shaped my ministry over the years.

An event like Summer Spectacular is one way that we, as a church, meet people where they are. We know that families need fun, safe environments for their kids. And we had the chance to provide that for one day this summer.

And that makes me wonder, what else do members of our community need? Yes, we can say that our community needs things like food, clothing, and transportation. And, as a church, we acknowledge that everyone needs to be spiritually fed. But I think it’s more than that too. Perhaps we see people grieving, perhaps we see families in need of childcare, perhaps we see people in need of meaningful friendships.

And so, the question is, what do people in Lewistown need? Or maybe what do you need?

After answering that question, we can begin to dream together about how we might meet people where they are by meeting their real needs, so that then we can walk with them one step closer to Jesus.

Grace and peace,


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