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Foundational Elements of a Life of Faith

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, but the life of faith doesn’t end there. In fact, the resurrection of Jesus is just one piece of our faith, significant for sure, but faith requires more than just believing that something happened.

And so, on Sunday we will begin a new sermon series called “Building Blocks,” which will explore some of the foundational elements of a life of faith. The question shaping this sermon series is, what are the beliefs and the actions that are foundational to our Christian identity? Or, put another way, how are our lives changed because of Easter morning?

Consider a Lego set. When you begin building the Lego, you could take out and exam each block on its own, but it might not seem like much; in fact, a single block might not seem all that important. And if you were to look at only the one block, you wouldn’t know what it was supposed to create. It’s only when you put the Lego pieces together that it all begins to make sense. Each block becomes part of bigger picture, the full Lego set.

The building blocks of faith are something like that. On their own, each block might not seem like much, it might not even look like much. But when we put the blocks together, they begin to take shape and become something far more than we could have ever imagined. And suddenly each block is extremely important, because if we removed even just one block, the result would be different.

For some who have spent their whole lives in the church, this series might feel like something of a reminder of the long-forgotten foundational elements of a life of faith. But this series is a chance to connect more deeply with faith and with the church, maybe for the first time, maybe for the first time in a long time, or maybe to reconnect with something that has been missing.

I hope as we move through this season between Easter and Pentecost, you will find a place to belong and to grow. And it’s the perfect chance to invite a friend.

Grace and peace,


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