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Figuring Out Faith with Peter

Peter is perhaps the most famous of Jesus’ disciples. In Peter, we see a person who is both steadfast and unsteady, a dear friend and a betrayer, a follower and a wanderer.


In other words, we find a very normal human being trying to figure it all out—just like us.


And so, this Lent, we’re joining Peter in figuring out faith. We’re not idolizing or vilifying him; instead, we’re wandering alongside him, open to what we might learn by stepping into Peter’s shoes.


Because what we know is that faith is a constant journey of steadfast pursuit, one that ebbs and flows, seeks and wanders. Wandering is exploration, not necessarily distance from God.


And we’ll find that Peter keeps going no matter what. He drops his nets, he walks on water, he runs to the empty tomb, he swims to the shore to meet the risen Christ. He keeps searching and yearning and loving, even after missteps or mistakes.


And along the way, we will also find Jesus at each step of Peter’s journey – offering him abundance, catching him when he begins to sink, challenging him when he stands in the way, washing his feet, predicting his betrayal, and offering him unconditional love.


Ultimately, we are reminded that God loves imperfect people—in fact, time and again, that’s precisely who God claims and calls.


And so, this Lent, we will look for ourselves in the stepping stones of Peter’s story. We will reflect on the stages of our own faith journeys as well as who and what has shaped us along the way. As we wander, let us tune our hearts to sing God’s grace.


May we rest in streams of mercy, never ceasing.


I hope you’ll make plans to join us this Lent!


Grace and peace,



(series description adapted from A Sanctified Art)

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