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A Camp I'll Never Forget

Camp 2022 is one I will never forget.

On June 17th I got word that we would not have access to Westminster Spires this summer and the difficult decision had been made to cancel camp. Almost immediately a small group of us began texting to see if there was any possibility of making something different happen. By June 20th we had new dates and a new location.

On July 18th we kicked off camp! Four days. Campers of all ages. Something never before done in Yellowstone Presbytery.

And it was chaos.

There were moments (a lot of them if I’m being honest) that it seemed impossible. That I really thought we were crazy. And that I wondered what business we had trying to make camp happen. That I thought we should cancel it all and wait until next year.

But it came together. And camp happened.

I’m sure I will have more reflections on camp in the weeks to come, but for now, I share a few highlights…

  • Hiking to both Palisades and Grotto Falls (and then hearing the campers reflect on just how beautiful the falls were)

  • Playing a night game in which campers had to get glowsticks into buckets without getting tagged by counselors, so the counselors tossed the bucket into the basketball hoop

  • Listening in on small group discussions and hearing counselors tell their campers that they didn’t have to put themselves together before God could love them, but that God loved them right now

  • Watching the staff, most of whom didn’t know one another before we arrived, come together and bond over the crazy thing we were doing

And did I mention we forgot to print the schedule?

From the moment we changed plans and began to dream until we wrapped up camp, our leadership clung to the end of Paul’s pray in Ephesians, “To the God who can do immeasurably far more than all we can ask or imagine.”

And that is exactly what God did. Far more than we could ever ask or imagine.

And it was good.

Grace and peace,


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