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Our Annual Meeting

On Wednesday I gathered on Zoom with several other pastors and a conversation began about our upcoming Annual Congregational meetings. The question was asked, “Do you worry about your meeting?”

And the truth is, I’ve never thought about it. It has never crossed my mind that something about this meeting should make me worried.

I jokingly responded that after moderating sometimes contentious committee meetings at the presbytery level, that moderating a congregational meeting is a walk in the park.

I also know that we’re presenting a full slate of Elders and Deacons, reporting on a budget year that ended in the black, and presenting a reasonable and balanced budget.

There are practical reasons that our Annual Congregational meeting feels easier. It will (likely) not be contentious and the stated purposes are straightforward and rather normal.

But I also think there’s more.

I don’t worry about this meeting because I think of it as something like a signpost along the way. Our Annual Meeting is a set-aside time to show us where we are and keep us going in the right direction.

Yes, there are practical things we must accomplish, but more than anything, this meeting offers a chance for us to reflect and give thanks for what has been, and then to look ahead to where we are going as we share our hopes and dreams.

So, I actually look forward to this meeting each year. Not because I dream of showing off my knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Orders, but because there is so much to celebrate, so many reasons give thanks, and so much that is still to come.

So, no, I’m not worried. I’m excited. And I hope you are too.

Grace and peace,


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